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000s to a hdd help


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Hi i have accidently started to write 000s to my hdd with Parted Magic software... I started at 1% and i cancelled it. Will i be able to recover my  data with Ontrack EasyRecover Pro?


It gets to like 2.50% and just hangs


P.S this is life or death

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Ok I scanned ect and it showed some weird files such as efiboot for windows but like 13000 files but not like in order like...



Program Files

Program Files (x86)

Users\Adrian\documents\folders ect



oh it also shows files in like Fat32 partitsions exFat, ect and some NTFS


so could you suggest another program...Not Recuva

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Oh usual programs that i have made over the years (2 years) important school files, photos videos (150GB) songs (dont realy care about) ect and alot of software...


this is very important stuff so yea... I was realy stupid and used my backup drive to store GOD containers of xbox games for my JTAG so ya thats pritty much it

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Going back to r-studio...


When you tell it to scan, just tell it to only scan for NTFS stuff (I assume that's the FS used on the HDD?).


I'm pretty sure I remember there being several random things listed on the one I did years ago, you need to find the 'most correct' branches from what's listed.


Recover is hardly ever going to be perfect.

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