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Dude, "lightning", (wow no Freudian inadequacies in choosing that name)




I already looked at this forum for the reasons and answers and found your little club house insistence that it has to be done to if anyone wants a DVDRW burned properly and also witnessed you hammer some nub by semantically arguing about whether or not they were accurately describing a CDRW or DVDRW while you never rendered a solution or answer to the fact   WE ARE WASTING 30 MINUTES OF TIME TO FORMAT A FACTORY BLANK  DVDRW BEFORE   WIDDE IMGBURN.EXE wull wrute the widdlw wimage.


Dude,  Nero, Roxio, all of those other miscreant burning applications and their flaws (the same flaws that drove people to seek your solution) DON'T require the same time sucking that you do.


I did go through that myriad of menus you made and I did deselect Prefer formatted media, oh, and yep, I deselected all of those "don't prompt" options that you know what they are since you're the kid that built this thing so don't waste your time or insult my intelligence asking me to recite verbatim which options they are since they're all on that write tab pages 1 / 2 that you made.


I want you to delete this post and  I want all of your little disciples to attack me and this post since it would underscore and validate my point that you are some angry litle misanthrope guarding the entrace to his unpainted rotten treehouse club with your insistence of wasting users time with by requiring we format media and wihtout giving us a chance to turn it off.


Forget any of your log file requests, I'm using the latest vesion downloaded today, you know, the version that tries to jam some spyware toolbar into my browser.


It is reasons like this, you have to give software away, cause.... no one would pay to tolerate your recalcitrance, ..mate.


Are you seriously going to let Windows 7 do a better job of burning image ISO's than you can ?  Are you serioulsy going to undermine the quality of your own efforts by letting Microsoft do one part better than you  ?


You're a 99% solution Khan, but like a poor marksmen, you're always missing the target.

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