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Samsung SH-224BB


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After 5 years of service and many burns I had to replace my Pioneer DVD-216 DBK drives.

Bought two Samsung SH-224BB drives.

Ater installing did some burns and encoutered two problems.

Had set the burnspeed for Double Layer media to 8x but most of the time I got 4.0 or 6.0 speed.

Both drives have the lates firmwares and at first I could not figure out why the drives didn't write at 8.0 speed.

Then I saw this topic by Lightning UK!

I only use Verbatim +R Single Layer en Double Layer media so added them to Imgburn.




After that both Samsung drives burn perfectly at 8.0 (Double Layer media) en 16.0 (Single Layer media).

Had also a problem with the Booktype Setting.

But that was because I had connected the drives to a VIA RAID Controller 3249.

When I connected the Samsung drives to the Mainboard this problem was solved.

The Pioneers were both connected to the VIA Controller and never had issues with them.

Could set the drives speed manually en never had problems with the Booktype Setting.

Guess that other drives have other rules..... :)

Then why this topic ?

So that maybe other people who have the same drive(s) en problem(s) can benefit from this info.

Much regards,



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