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Star Wars the "Theatrical Version"


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Benji? Can't say I ever saw that. I did see that CBS series, though Benji, Zack, And The Alien Prince circa 1984.



I did not see Star Wars until after Empire Strikes Back. And, I only saw those two because they were rereleased for Return Of The Jedi. And, to be honest, I only went to see them because everyone else was. They weren't bad, by any stretch of the imagination. But, even ever since 1983, when I first saw the movies, I was not blown away by them. Like everyone else. But, everyone else can go to Hell. :lol: When everyone else starts to acknowledge anything I like as something deserving a following, then, we can talk about those that I won't recognize. :wink: This is how the king of the world would run things. Deal with it. ;)



I do not remember my first movie experience exactly. I just know it was one of these movies, as these are my earliest movie memories from Phoenix, Arizona:


Battle Beyond The Stars

The Black Hole

Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown

Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown



Now, I have to admit, I really liked The Black Hole. When I saw it in later years, I started to understand more of the symbolism involved. As a kid, I liked it for the special effects and robots. Later on, I liked the story and later after that, the subtext involved inside it.



And, Battle Beyond The Stars is NOT the worst I've ever seen. Because, I somehow managed to get my ass in front of Howard The Duck, Leonard Part 6, Great White, and Metalstorm: The Destruction Of Jared Syn IN theaters! :o I even saw Metalstorm WITH the 3-D glasses on! B)

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