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My Suggestions optimize ImgBurn


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Suggestions for ImgBurn


1 would love one in ImgBurn was possible to extract all the contents of a disk by creating an ISO file


2 Create ISO my files with present on the hard drive


3 test the quality of the media indicating whether it has any error or degradation and showing when should I change it


4 rip and extract music discs


5 software protections to prevent errors in burning data


6 convert and burn videos to be played on any DVD player

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1 use read mode


2 need more info on what you mean, but for making files into an iso, use build mode


3 there are already free tools that do this


4 why when windows does it already?


5 use good media


6 there are already free converters like flick that do this already, and will open imgburn to burn it for you

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1 free tool that tests the disk and shows that it has a degradation or problem? I have Nero DiscSpeed ​​but do not know if he does it


2 I use windows XP


3 the unique medias that are found here Philips CMC Magnetics CMC MAG M01 ID


4 you could tell me a converter videos free, lightweight and small so I can convert any video to my watch on any DVD Player?


5 In ImgBurn is possible to know which country was made ​​my DVD disc? need to know this

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