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Confirmation: Imgburn installs Delta search & toolbars with no chance to refuse them


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I just made an account to confirm the Problem found in http://forum.imgburn.com/index.php?showtopic=21774 but found the topic closed.

So here we are again.


I think ImgBurn is an _outstanding_ 5star-software, I am using it since.. well before you changed the name to imgburn. It HURTS me to see your marvellous program being used to import adware, trojans or rootkits to other peoples pc. Please look into the things i say.. delta toolbar is not just a simple toolbar.



1:) the option to make a custom install is greyed out during installation, i thought ok.. go on and uninstall it later..

2.) you can "uninstall" delta toolbar and bitguard (while we are at it), but even revo uninstaller won't get all the remains.

3.) In the aftermatch my browser homepage was reset to searchgol.. not a big issue i thought until i started to google that too. I am now getting help at a forum specialized dealing with trojans.


In the end updating imgburn to will make me reinstall my pc as i consider security breached. and essentially not given anymore.

I thought you should know that.


I would rather have paid you the $40 dollars for software without payload. The time I spend on solving these problems is worth then that anyway.


Sorry if i sound angry... I AM!


I still like you and your software, but for god`s sake solve the problem with the payload!






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Strange enough, a week ago i would have said the same as you. Seems you need  screenshots to believe me.. 
However noone seems to deny the payload.


And the argument runs along the line.. yes there is a problem, if you are unaware to avoid it -it's yours.

Thanks for so much wisdom and your screenshot guide.


Do you want to say you would recommend this kind of setup to your mother brother or any next of kin?


Again thanks to the author for the great free Software. 



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Almost everything I install these days offers a totally different program too, it's the way of the world.


Untick a box or two and you've opted out.


The greyed out 'custom' box has been mentioned several times. It is just grey though and not actually disabled (i.e. you *can* still click it). I've told OpenCandy that people don't like it and I'm lead to believe they're in the process of getting rid of them or at least offering us devs a chance to opt out of using them.

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