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Super slim PS3's are "top loaders?"


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How do discs load in the most recent PS3 model, known as the super slim?  From what I've seen of images from search results, it looks like the top is a sliding door that opens to the left, revealing the disc recess where you load the disc.  Then, you close this sliding door.



Is this the case?



IF it is, and I'm guessing it is, this is another fucking stinking top loader!  Top loading was the bane of the PS 1, a source for most of its common problems.  The PS 2 was also killed, quality wise, by slipping from the fix of a tray loader to becoming a top loader.  And now, Sony continues to kill its product lines with a top loading PS 3.



The good news is I will never have to deal with Sony declining quality on a PS 4.  They require an Internet connection to be able to use them as a DVD/Blu-Ray player because the software needed to play them must be downloaded.  Plus, you must have an Internet connection to register the device before you can even use it.  NO thanks.  And Sony said you won't need an Internet connection to use the device.  You won't need a constant on connection to use it but you MUST have one to be able to use it.  Either way, it's a lie.  :angry:

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