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More stupid things in Windows 8


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Okay, so Microsoft decides to remove the ability to display messages and send e-mails in Task Scheduler tasks.  Rather than do the LOGICAL thing and take away the ability to add them to tasks, they LEAVE the commands in the interface for you to add.  ONLY to tell you AFTERWARDS you can't add them!  FUCKERS!  :angry:  They do list them as dedacted on the interface but if you're going to take away a user's ability to do something, you don't fucking leave in the ability to do it only to tell the user they can't do it!  It's a goddamn waste of the user's time!  :rolleyes:



Clean Manager no longer actually deletes the files from the Recycle Bin EVEN WHEN YOU SELECT THE RECYCLE BIN OPTION!  Once run and then rerun, Clean Manager says Recycle Bin has 0 bytes of files BUT RECYCLE BIN WAS NEVER ACTUALLY EMPTIED!  IDIOTS!  :doh:



And the /sageset switch no longer works for Clean Manager!  Online help files SAY it saves options but it doesn't!  Windows 7 and earlier versions that supported it worked.  FUCKERS!

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