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Interim suggestion for burning non-supported/multi-track images


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I was thinking about the multi-track images, like audio CD's, not being supported at the moment but will be in the future. And, I was wondering if this might be considered because it should be a fairly simple addition to make.



I was thinking of, well, it's kind of hard to describe in simple terms. i.e. I can't think right off the bat if there's an accepted term for it. Anyway, a user can set an option for, basically, choosing an external burner application. For instance, when ImgBurn returns the dialog "Invalid or unsupported image file format!" that this could be extended to prompt for an external application to run to burn it. Say, Nero or whatever. And, this could also be set by the user to always run that application. The dialog can even set it once the user selects something for the first time. And, it could even include an option to do nothing for newbies to select if they're afraid of what is going on/don't know/aren't sure what to do. :)



It may be considered "advertising" other applications, but, I know WinZip, WinRAR, and other applications allow users to define external applications for some file types and operations. And, web browsers also usually allow the user to define ext. apps. for file types to run on them. So, I figured I'd toss it out as a suggestion to handle these file types in the interim. Granted, finding any space in the real estate of the GUI to add a button to run the external burner app might be an issue. :D But, it can always be off the GUI entirely and be a drop down menu option. Short of bundling an external app that can burn multi-track images :o and allah forbid that happens :lol: I figured that it might make a good stop gap idea for multi-track images until they are internally supported by ImgBurn. Plus, having it just as a general option would also be handy and save the user some work. Albeit, it would make for a pretty lazy user. =))

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