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Please, for the love of God, verify all source files are valid before starting burn!!!


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I was tinkering with my folder names in a way that is dangerous and it caused me to burn a less than perfect Blu-Ray disc. I had dragged and dropped a folder from the hard disk to the , what do you call it, the "root" representing my new blank Blu-Ray disc. Well, after I did that I decided I wanted a different name for the folder on the hard disk so I renamed it in Windows. Anyway, long story short, I highly recommend implementing a final path/folder verification check before starting the actual burning process to safeguard against user tinkering and stupidity like I have engaged in today.


"I see that the source folders you have selected for copying no longer exists. Have you modified these folders since you selected them for copying? If you proceed without correcting these issues you may not be able to access files on your disc even though they appear to be on the disc. Shall I proceed?" Hell NO, you shouldn't proceed. This could have saved me a bad burn. Well, it's not a completely wasted disc. I actually realized that I could go back and rename the folder to what ImgBurn was looking for and so the burn finished successfully but only after I had skipped several files in the process before I got the idea to change it back to what it was.


So, please, in the name of user stupidity, do a final confirmation before starting the burn that all source folders and files are, in fact still 100% valid. Anything less is not the idea scenario.


Thanks for reading, love your software, but this safeguard really should exists for a more excellent software product. Protect your users from their own stupidity. Thank You!!!

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I wouldn't see how such a feature like this would be necessary. You as the user should finish the work that is needed in organizing your files and then only afterwards, add them into ImgBurn.


The 'Calculate Image Size' button will check the files to see if they exist.

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