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Careful 'Custom' installation still installs PUPS from Open Candy


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I have used your product for many years. I build computers for clients and have recommended your product to them for years. Over the years, I have donated money to you and your product.


I'm well aware of all the pitfalls and traps that go with installing software. I even watched your forum tutorial just to make sure I wasn't missing anything.


In spite of EVERYTHING, I still ended up with 2 Open Candy PUPs. It's taken me 1/2 an hour to clean everything up again.


You have a great product, and I understand your need to monetize it.  However, affiliating yourself with Open Candy and their surreptitious efforts to install things on people's computers does nothing for the goodwill and image that you've crafted. Until you dissociate yourself from these purveyors of malware, I will no longer use your product, nor will I recommend it to clients.







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