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0x80004005 copying desktop.ini from rewritable DVD's


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I've got a weird sort of error when a certain copying action is attempted.



If I inserted a rewritable DVD, even if it isn't formatted with Windows/File Explorer as a dynamic disc, i.e. a burned, closed track disc with ImgBurn, Windows shows there's a desktop.ini to be copied from the disc at the bottom of the file list of contents in the root directory.  Now, this is typical behavior since I have the option to hide hidden and system files disabled.  However, I get an error message if I Select All files.



Select All also selects the desktop.ini file.  If I don't manually unselect desktop.ini when I copy, I get an error message trying to copy the rest of the files other than desktop.ini.  desktop.ini shows up in the target folder of the copy operation but none of the other files do since the copy operation abends with the error code 0x80004005.



This doesn't happen on WORM DVD's because there's no Windows idiotic default desktop.ini waiting to be written to them because the disc is not writable.  Only on rewritable DVD's and only if I don't remember to not select desktop.ini from the bottom of the file list.



Is there something I can do to "fix" this?  I will NOT reset the option to hide system and hidden files so don't suggest that.  :D  And don't just say don't select desktop.ini; I already know that!  :lol:  Plus, why should I HAVE to do this when this is Microsoft's fault?  :angry:

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