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Can I just buy imgburn for 50 quid or whatever and get a malware free install? (Can you trust OpenCandy safe?)


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I'm pretty switched on now to avoid leaving boxes ticked during the install so as to avoid the Desktop Extensions etc being installed from OpenCandy, when I install imgburn.


But I still feel uneasy about running an install executable that has stuff that I don't want. Can you be sure that OpenCandy, who provide the unwanted programs would be safe always? I'd hate to think a cryptolocker or a mailbot got in there... how do you know if they are careful about what they provide?


Can you just take my money and give me a simple, clean, trouble free installer. What you get out of it is really honest money for your hard effort. Please embed my email into the program, if you feel I would just give copies of it away (which I would never do actually) and/or use a license manager suck as iLok for those less honest.




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