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  1. 100% with you drumphil, see my other posts. To summarise. I would rather pay for ImgBurn to get a crapware-free installer and reward the author at the same time. It is cynical, patronising and deceitful to provide the installer in this way. The assumption is that no-one will pay for good sofware. Not true. I donated twice, so there's proof. Thanks for voicing your concerns. Be persistent encourage others with the same concerns. Such a shame that brilliant software has to have this crap with it.
  2. Agree. See my other comments on this thread.
  3. Have to agree sadly. I'd happily pay for ImgBurn for an-adware/malware/crapware free installer and to reward the author. And I can put my money where my mouth is as I've actually donated to ImgBurn, but still the stupid approach to the installer is continuing.
  4. What's wrong with paying for software, it could be offered for a reasonable price. People need to be educated about this. At somepoint JasonFriday there is a high chance that you are among many people here who would have had to part with some cash to be able to even type on this forum: your broadband connection, your PC, your Windows software, other software. And of course, as a user of ImgBurn, you are burning CDs, DVDs and/or Blu-rays aren't you? Hmmmm ooh let's think... hmmm now that blank media isn't free is it? Oh yeah, you buy it a shop don't you? Oh means means spending money doesn't it? So if you can spend money on the blank media, then why is it a problem to pay the author of ImgBurn for his hard work? Rather than encourage the awful business model of bundling crapware into the installer. Baffles me. Why is it this way, why can't people get it into their heads...
  5. The simple thing would be to NOT have the Malware or bundles enabled by default, i.e. the checkboxes/tickboxes NOT TICKED, by default. But that is not the case and is deceitful. Or indeed don't have them at all and instead offer an honest business model whereby people pay for the software.
  6. I would love to just pay for ImgBurn to be able to download the latest version without the Malware. LIGHTNING UK is right that he has no control over OpenCandy - and THAT is a concern, as he is rely on them to offer software that is not damaging to users' machines - a nuisance perhaps but nothing more. That to me is a risk. BUT LIGHTNING UK DOES have control over choosing to use OpenCandy in the installer, as the release notes state. Oh and by the way, before you get on your high horse about being free and saying that we should put up with these things and assuming that most people want something for nothing: NOT TRUE. WHY? Because I have DONATED twice in the past. So anyone who patronises their userbase by assuming all of them want something for nothing can shut up, because here's one that isn't like that and I betcha there's more like me.
  7. rjamesd


    Better still, offer a paid version. Plenty of other small vendors do this and have been around for years. It's that simple. AND HONEST.
  8. All complains should go to OpenCandy. http://www.opencandy.com/ You can't blame him about OpenCandy offers. YES. YOU. CAN. BLAME. HIM. He just needs to remove it and offer the software as paid for. That's the honest way to make the money. So many other software makers so this. Many small ones.
  9. Same, sorry to say. It's a brilliant piece of software, the author's business decision to use deceitful malware exploiting human error is quite the opposite from their technical brilliance in making the software. I just cannot, cannot, see how they can't get into their head that people would pay for this software, as I would - and - have proven with donation. So terribly frustrating and infuriating.
  10. Oh but they are. In your release notes you made a conscious decision to use OpenCandy. You could make a decision NOT to use it and instead offer the brilliant ImgBurn as a paid-for product. You know I would pay for it and I think others would sincerly like to reward you for your hard work with the piece of mind of using safe software.
  11. I really want to believe you but given that although you have decided to put OpenCandy in your installer, you have no control over what they offer. They are human beings like anyone else, they can make mistakes.
  12. I'd like to pay for a new version please LIGHTNING UK! For a version that has NO MALWARE in it. So that you earn money that you deserve from ImgBurn BUT HONESTLY. i.e. Not through this shitty OpenCandy crap.
  13. How about NOT having OpenCandy at all, because NO ONE WANTS THAT CRAP. You're letting yourself and ImgBurn down so much. Shame on you.
  14. LIGHTNING UK! - It's simple. Just don't use OpenCandy in YOUR installer. YOU make the decision to use it - as stated in the release notes for ImgBurn. So, it's simple: DON'T. INSTEAD: Make an effort to make your software available by purchase - that's the HONEST approach. YOU KNOW *I* would buy it - as I have already donated twice. Everyone else: keep complaining. Keep going... Support other posters, upvote, comment, get behind them. I've seen other software use similar malware installer tactics, I've complained, as have others and that software maker STOPPED. If enough people complain...
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