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Internet Explorer 7 is apparently "out"


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OK I upgraded to IE7, now the internet connection times out after a couple minutes unuse and I get the 'Working offline" thingy when I try to come back to wherever I was on the net. I tell it to retry and it reconnects like nothing happened. I dropped down the tools and work offline is not ticked...I have a cable modem and it's always on... Any ideas? :'(



Yes... this seems to happen randomly across the system and more often than I am comfortable with. With no apparent reason. I get the same thing a lot with Firefox and other browsers, along with Eudora. My guess is it's related to how high speed connections, e.g. always on, work. They go up and down all the time, and then reconnect themselves. In fact, you're urged by tech support to not turn off the cable modem... however, more often than not, it's the only way to get a real reconnection when they disconnect you. :lol: Anyway, my guess is that during these brief outages, the software in question detects it and goes into Offline mode.



Db; that makes sense...now t figure out how to stop it from happening....

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