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Memorex are such liars!


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I managed to find what I thought were some Memorex 24x Ultra Speed CD-RW.  Mitsubishi made those CD-RW's for them so they weren't typical Memorex quality junk.  The CD jewel case insert and the box say "Ultra Speed CD-RW 16x-24x."  BUT when you open the box and put a disc in a drive, they're actually only rated at 10x!  :angry:  Because Mitsubishi didn't make them!  :rolleyes:  Some horse :horse: ID called InfoDisc.  I wouldn't be surprised if they're typical CMC Magnetics junk.



I know Memorex is as low quality as CMC because they use CMC, but I never actually expected they'd out and out LIE on the package!  :greedy:



I have one more Memorex order coming in from Amazon.com because they were also advertised as 24x CD-RW.  Regardless of the quality or the truthfulness of this order, I am

NEVER buying another Memorex product ever again.  They're on my shit list along with Sony, LiteOn, and Optodisc.  Memorex used to make a quality CD-RW back in the early 2000's.  They used 2nd tier Ritek for their BD-R and BD-RE, but even they were problematic with the PS3.  And they were making double DVD cases when no else was that weren't too bad quality.  Other than those products, everything I've ever tried from Memorex, including DVD players, have been absolute junk!

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