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It seem Pioneer drives have gone down the crapper


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I replaced my 7 month old Pioneer Blu-Ray burner last week because it stopped writing to the same BD-R's it had written to for the past 7 months.  Burns were crapping out randomly during the Write phase.  The same discs in 2 other Pioneers of the same model burn these BD-R's fine.  The replacement drive burned 2 discs with failures.  The only difference in the drives is the age.  The first Pioneer is almost 2 years old and still going.  The other is a 9 month old I use for reads only.  Same firmware, same BD-R's as before, same cake stack of discs, yet the replacement drive doesn't write them correctly.  The 3rd Pioneer I had, using as a writer, needed replacing after 7 months.  My first Pioneer of the same model is still going, except for a fundamental design flaw where the Eject function stops working the first time it's issued, randomly.



So, I think Pioneer Blu-Ray burners have gone to :horse:  I will only get one now because LG's are rotten readers and use it for reading.  ASUS is out of the question because their internal model Blu-Ray burner destroys rewritable DVD+RW and BD-RE DL.  :rolleyes:

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