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Error: unsupported video type


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I have a parent folder (let's call it 'folderA' that includes two files: OpenDVD and VIDEO_TS.


In ImgBurn, I go to File | Browse for a source folder and I select 'folderA'. The burn seems to go through OK, but when it is complete, shouldn't the movie on the DVD start up automatically? Instead, I get the following: Error: unsupported video type or invalid file path.


I am using Win 10.


What am I doing wrong, please?



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Depends on what you're playing this DVD on.  You said you're using Windows 10, so I'm guessing you're using some kind of playback software.  If that's the case, then it seems VIDEO_TS wasn't authored correctly.



If you're not playing this DVD on a PC and it's a standalone physical player, then it could be the video format is wrong for your TV.  You're trying to play PAL on NTSC or some kind of variation of that.  Or unsupported video type could be it's trying to play a container file that isn't supported.  It may be in the OpenDVD folder or VIDEO_TS.  Or it could be as I said the VOB's aren't correct in VIDEO_TS so the DVD won't play.

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Many thanks to you both.


I have only selected VIDEO_TS as the folder this time but get the same error as before: it does not load automatically and Windows 10 gives me the same error.


This is what I can see on the burnt DVD inside VIDEO_TS:











I usually test the DVD on my PC first but the final product will be for a TV DVD Player. I am using Adobe Premiere Elements 11 to put the movie together and it i in PAL Widescreen format.


Is it worthwhile burning the project again from Elements 11?



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Yeah, one time someone posted a problem with Elements and the problem was fixed by not using Elements.  So, that could be your problem.  Elements might not have created a proper VIDEO_TS. 



As long as your TV is PAL, then a PAL DVD should play and that wouldn't be the video problem.  Of course, on a PC, that doesn't matter.



Windows 10 is probably not returning this error, but some software running in Windows 10 is.  Unless you bought the DVD App to play DVD's with as Windows 10 has no native DVD playback software.  What DVD player software is returning this error?

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I haven't had problems before with editing videos in Elements and then burning them in Img Burn.


The previous error was in Windows Media Player.


I have saved/burnt the movie again in Elements, but get this error in ImgBurn:


I/O Error!

Interpretation: Check condition

Interpretation: Read (10) Sector: 1946755

ASC/ASCQ interpretation: L-EC: Uncorrectable error


Thanks again.

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Windows Media Player in Windows 10 doesn't play DVD's.



Post the entire log from ImgBurn's burn where you got taht uncorrectable error, please. 



Uncorrectable errors have nothing to do with incorrect video types.  It's a hardware error or media error.  Either your drive is dying or it doesn't like that media.

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