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I :heart: ImgBurn!


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​I use ImgBurn a LOT and I keep stumbling over clever things it does even when things are not going well.


​Last night I began to Read to ISO a DVD (DL) and, as sometimes happens, the reading failed at about the reading went from layer 0 to layer 1.  I have set thing up such that the reading continues, so by this morning I had a long list of errors and it was clear there would be no joy at this time.  So, I clicked on Cancel and waited


​and waited


​and waited.


So I clicked on Cancel again.  LOL  


A message popped up, "Be patient.  I heard you the first time!"


I had to laugh out loud.  It is as though the thing is human!  And of course, after you agree to delete the incomplete file, the "Oh, no!" is another gem.


Thanks for all of the bells and whistles as well as for a very fine tool.


I Love ImgBurn.  :heart:

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