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Cycle Tray After Full Format/Erase before Write


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On my Pioneer 2209, it seems to have a little issue with Full Formats on Ritek 8x DVD+RW.  If a Write is performed to an unformatted disc, ImgBurn wants to format it first, of course, and then perform the Write.  However, what I think ImgBurn doesn't do is cycle the tray after Format before the Write.  What happens on my Pioneer is if I don't fully Erase/Format the disc first BEFORE Writing, the Verify will always fail.  If I Quick Erase the disc after the failed Write and reburn the same image again, it passes Verify.  So, it seems to be that I need to eject the disc after each Full Erase/Format before performing a Write or the Verify will fail.


With this mind, I'd like to recommend a Cycle/Eject Tray After Format/Erase option.  I've been aware of this for a while but I keep forgetting to Full Format discs on their own when I perform a Write to unformatted media of this kind.  So, I waste time with unsuccessful writes that will always fail Verify.




EDIT: You can probably forget this suggestion.  It wouldn't do any good in my case.  Turns out the first write to these Ritek media under the current firmware for the 2209 will ALWAYS fail Verify.  I had formatted a disc and ejected it, reinserted it, and burned content to it, and it still failed to Verify.  An immediate write of the same contents to the same disc in the same drive after cancelling off the failed Verify works.


Yeah, Pioneer has, once again, borked the firmware for Ritek 8x DVD+RW in its update to 1.51!  :rolleyes:  First, the leap from 1.33 to 1.34 totally destroyed the drive's writing to these discs or the Verify behavior, one of the two, because Verifies would always fail.  1.50 fixed this, but 1.51 has added a new angle!  Now they've borked the drive's ability to fully format the media.  When the 2209 formats the media, Verifies will ALWAYS fail under 1.51.  If you take these same discs that fail, fully erase them in another drive, and then write the same image in the 2209 to the same disc that was failing Verify after fully erasing in another drive, the Verifies pass.  So, the problem is, once again, Pioneer has messed up the firmware, this time with full erases.  :angry:

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