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A newbie request


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Hello, I am a newbie to Imgbrn. I have been collecting my music for most of my life.

I have gone to record meets and collected vinyl and have cleaned them with software and storing them on CDs.

I have found that you can put track information with this software. I have learned that you can run a and get CUE and BIN files.
I learned a little about the format, but I can't figure out how to make regular Cd by taking an album of wave files and merging them

into a CD that will display the artist, song, whatever. I am not selling these things, I just want to make a nice CD that will give

all the information. If these is a Imgbrn for dummies (I am one for sure). I have approximately 150+ CDs that have WAV masters

and would like to make some nice CDs for my collection. Is there a way? Thank you for listening. RNRKEEPER


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Hi, try this:

It should be what you're looking for.  You may need to install the WV WavPack mentioned in one of the replies.  I'm guessing WV was meant to say WAV.  :wink:


Now, if you have 150 CD's that you've made WAV's from, I'm guessing these 150 CD's are source audio discs?  If so, you might want to just make backup copies of the original discs to CD-R's.  You'd want to use the Create image file from disc and then Write image file to disc for this.


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