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Error when verifying a video BD


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disc: Primeon Ultra Speed

When I verify the disc I have written, I gent an error in the middle of the disc.

Here is the log:

I 20:48:05 ImgBurn Version started!
I 20:48:05 Microsoft Windows 8 Professional x64 Edition (6.2, Build 9200)
I 20:48:05 Total Physical Memory: 16.663.624 KiB  -  Available: 2.641.344 KiB
I 20:48:05 Initialising SPTI...
I 20:48:05 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...
I 20:48:05 -> Drive 1 - Info: ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.00 (D:) (USB 2.0)
I 20:48:05 Found 1 BD-RE XL!
I 20:48:50 Operation Started!
I 20:48:50 Source Device: [0:0:0] ASUS BW-16D1HT 3.00 (D:) (USB)
I 20:48:50 Source Media Type: BD-R (Disc ID: RITEK-DR3-000)
I 20:48:50 Source Media Supported Read Speeds: 2x; 4x; 6x; 8x
I 20:48:50 Source Media Supported Write Speeds: 2x; 4x; 6x
I 20:48:50 Source Media Sectors: 20.981.824
I 20:48:50 Source Media Size: 42.970.775.552 bytes
I 20:48:50 Verify Against Image File: No
I 20:48:50 Read Speed (Data/Audio): MAX / MAX
I 20:48:51 Read Speed - Effective: 3x - 8x; 8x - 3x
I 20:48:52 Verifying Session 1 of 1... (1 Track, LBA: 0 - 20981823)
I 20:48:53 Verifying Track 1 of 1... (MODE1/2048, LBA: 0 - 20981823)
I 20:48:53 Verifying Layer 0... (LBA: 0 - 12219391)
I 21:04:54 Verifying Layer 1... (LBA: 12219392 - 20981823)
W 21:05:03 Failed to Read Sectors 12219392 - 12219423 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
W 21:05:12 Failed to Read Sector 12219392 - Reason: Timeout on Logical Unit
W 21:05:12 Sector 12219392 maps to File: \BDMV\STREAM\00274.m2ts
E 21:05:23 Failed to Read Sector 12219392 - Reason: Timeout on Logical Unit
E 21:05:23 Sector 12219392 maps to File: \BDMV\STREAM\00274.m2ts
E 21:05:24 Failed to Verify Sectors!
I 21:05:28 Exporting Graph Data...
I 21:05:28 Graph Data File: C:\Users\Beheerder\AppData\Roaming\ImgBurn\Graph Data Files\ASUS_BW-16D1HT_3.00_ZONDAG-28-APRIL-2019_20-48_RITEK-DR3-000.ibg
I 21:05:28 Export Successfully Completed!
E 21:05:28 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:16:33
I 21:05:28 Average Verify Rate: 24.660 KiB/s (5.6x) - Maximum Verify Rate: 36.051 KiB/s (8.2x)

Thanks for your help!

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I would agree to try something other than Ritek first.  Depending on where you live, Ritek can be pretty bad stuff.  In Europe, it's pretty notorious for being problematic.  In the US, where I live, it's a somewhat decent 2nd tier product, but I wouldn't use it if I could use something else.  Particularly Ritek BD media.  They have playback problems on the PS3 which I have verified through experience.


Since it seems you're trying to burn a movie BD, try Verbatim BD-R.  However, as someone pointed out in another thread, in Europe, Verbatim might be using CMC for its BD-R, which IS the worst you can get.  So, don't get the Life Series you'll find in stores as they will be CMC.  You will want the Verbatim BD-R that says its Disc ID is VERBAT-IM.  You'll usually only find those online.  They may say AZO or DataLife Plus (NOT Life Series.) on them.  Now, the DataLife Series you find online like on Amazon.co.uk may be CMC.  Being in the US, I don't know; I'm just reporting what someone in Europe encountered recently in their posts.  They ended up importing good Verbatim from Amazon.com, choosing the stuff I get.

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I've never actually seen the label DataLife Plus applied to Verbatim BD-R before.  Just CD and DVD.  So, I can't say for sure.  I've never seen that packaging before either.  And given that it's outside the US, I also can't say.  However, DataLife Plus is the quality label Verbatim puts on its highest tier CD and DVD recordable discs.  In the US, there is no DataLife Plus label on the BD-R.  It's all the same stuff with Disc ID VERBAT-IM.  However, Verbatim BD-RE SL are CMC junk and should be avoided, but their BD-RE DL is TDK, which is good quality.  So, it's hard to say since Verbatim doesn't follow a steady pattern in the US either.


If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say if it says DataLife Plus on it, go for it.

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