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Add as Write output a File Image mode too


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Today I created a mixed mode CD (1 single session: 1st track data + next tracks audio), but found no option to make a cue/bin directly without having to write first the temporary CUE to a physical CD-RW and create a real mixed mode CD… then I was finally able to save a cue/bin from the mixed mode CD to be mounted with Daemon Tools Lite...

So my request is: could you please add as an output option for Write an Image File mode too?

(Perhaps I've chosen the wrong way to accomplish it?)

Thank you!

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I once requested something similar.  The ability to write BIN/CUE plain single track Audio CD's to image files instead of to disc first.  I forget if anything was said either for or against it at the time.


In the meantime, you could try installing a virtual CD writer drive.  With it installed, you could select it as the target drive, but an image file would be written instead.  However, I tried this with some freeware virtual CD writer, I forget which, and it failed epicly.  Died within less than a second of attempting to write to the virtual drive.

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