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Spitting Image


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Came across this on YouTube


Being American, I only ever saw 1 Spitting Image special that was made especially for the United States market around 1985, but I absolutely loved it.  Even taped it on Betamax.  Plus the same puppeteers did their work on that Genesis video that I got to see here in the States.  I still miss Spitting Image, even though I only ever saw those little bits.


The above video is satire that escapes a lot of me, of course, not being British or aware of 1987 British politics, but I do believe that's Margaret Thatcher at the end.  Which would make perfect sense to end with her in a song quoting Tomorrow Belongs To Me.  I get the feeling I'm missing a fantastic joke about "Still think you can control them, Neil?"  I know that's referencing a Michael York line from the Cabaret movie that is inserted into the song number.  But, I think it's making fun of something else that would go over my head.

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