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Why don’t I have etfsboot.com


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Just read this topic


I want to make a bootable windows 10 image, but I am also missing this file.

it is not in my boot directory from the windows 10 files that I have.


what is it and why don’t I have it when imgburn needs it?

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That file probably comes from the "boot sector" of a bootable CD.  There's a kind of invisible portion of a bootable CD that is only present during the booting phase.  If you were able to access the various drives that were visible after booting from a bootable CD, you'd find a drive letter assigned to the "bootable partition" of the CD.  This eftsbootcom file is probably only extractable from a bootable CD.  You can insert Windows 10 installation discs and extract the "boot sector" from it with ImgBurn, making it available for the bootable section for a bootable CD.


Now, to be honest, I've never actually gotten a manually created bootable CD made by ImgBurn to actually boot, so this is probably the extent of my expertise.

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