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The second step when burning a DVD with ImgBurn gives me the opportunity to write the DISC LABEL. Is that supposed to be for the movie title or any other personal reference? Well, the fact is that it does not take what I typed. I burned two blu-ray discs, I typed the titles of the movies in the box for that purpose but it wouldn't show it on the TV screen when I start playing the disc, what it shows instead is the type of disc "BD-R..."

I would appreciate anyone who can clarify this issue for me.



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The 2nd topic, the duplicate… I was not sure if I posted my question in the right section, that's why. I am sorry. haven't been here in a long time.

I tried to delete the one in the Chat but I could not do it. Would you please delete the other one for me, the one in the Chat?

Sorry for the inconveniences.

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