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1x 10m USB or 2x 5m USB ?


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I need approx 7m USB3 from my PC to my external USB3 BD-R drive, just because of the way my room is situated and where I am able to sit, and the amount of blu-ray discs I burn. I currently have a 10m USB3 active repeater cable, but if I try and burn over 4x the device buffer goes up and down like crazy and will only settle when under 4x. If I got 2x 5m USB3 active cables, could that help ? Or do the 10m ones have a repeater built in anyway at the 5m point ? I am presuming the issue of the device buffer going up and down is due to there not being enough bandwidth. 

Any ideas ? Earlier tonight I got lots of semaphore timeout "invalid address" errors upon burning discs, wasted approx 7 discs, but I have changed the USB port (from directly in to my PC port in to a powered hub port) and that is at least better and stops those errors, but still has the wildly fluctuating device buffer over 4x. 

EDIT : Okay, forget the hope I had in that last paragraph, the burn failed, make that 8 discs ruined, I realise this is not IMG Burns fault though. This time the error wasn't semaphore, but "No additional sense information" whatever that means. 



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