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Can you automated common burns? (DVD Data)


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I have about 10 different data discs that I burn for work purposes and send out to different clients.

I am looking for a way that I can save a project / shortcut onto my desktop or wherever is easiest, so that when I need to burn a certain disc, i can just click that link and it does it all automated.

Is this possible? The more automation the better - at the moment i just have 10 projects saved but when i open them I then need to eject the tray manually, put in a disc, wait for it to be ready and the click start burn, and then there are numerous prompts about volumes which I dont really understand etc.


Thanks for any advice in advance,


J x

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There are command line switches to ImgBurn, but I've never used them before.  You could create a .BAT file calling ImgBurn.exe with these parameters to automate the process.  Then, all you'd have to do is create 10 different .BAT files because each one would have a different input/output name.  Just double click on the .BAT file and it executes.


However, someone else will have to tell you about the command line parameters, as I've never used them before, sorry.

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