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Possible compromised installer on downloads page


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I saw the last few posts here complaining about it, so not trying to be redundant.

Main Concern

I originally downloaded the installer from the one hosted by ImgBurn. Malwarebytes picked it up and quarantined it. I uploaded it to VirusTotal, and got 31/68 reporting it bad. Downloaded from 3 other mirrors (listed below) and they were only 1/68. Hash from those 3 are the same, and don't match the hosted one. It's one thing for a hash mismatch, and it's another to have this much disparity between hashes. MD5/SHA matches the ImgBurn hosted one, but not the other 3.

I noticed in one of the posts where someone was suggesting the installer was a virus, the author said something like "do you think a tool since 2005 could be a virus". It's not that I question where ImgBurn itself is valid. I've used it for quite some time. It's whether I trust the hosting itself. This has happened to other software developers where someone's compromised the server and replaced the existing copy with a bad one. Example: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/news/security/ccleaner-compromised-to-distribute-malware-for-almost-a-month/

Also, I couldn't download from the other two mirrors. One, Malwarebytes blocked from loading, the other just wouldn't download. I'd also say half the mirrors are sketchy, and ad-ridden (giving you fake download links, bundling PUPs, or trying to get you to use a download manager). I'm not sure why some of these were chosen, but they really need to be reviewed. Heck, many of those mirrors may all be AWS/Azure/Google/etc. now (meaning no redundancy).


Author, it seems possible your own hosting has been compromised and a fake copy of ImgBurn is being hosted. Although it's very possible it's a false positive, I'd appreciate a review as it's very confusing and should be fixed anyway.

Virus Total Links

ImgBurn copy: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/d7dea2819edc77bc44db637cd324e61942b54930cb3034f8f1a417b7dd27b514/detection
Major Geeks/Softpedia/Free-Codecs: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/49aa06eaffe431f05687109fee25f66781abbe1108f3f8ca78c79bdec8753420/detection

PS: Does ImgBurn support converting MacOS .dmgs to bootable iso? (This is the main reason I was downloading it.)

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ImgBurn doesn't do any image conversion at all.  It just burns what you feed it.  It can create images, but not convert between types.  And, I don't think Mac is supported, so ImgBurn couldn't create those images, anyway, even if you did feed it a bunch of files to make it bootable.

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