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Can be more then 32 spaces in writing the disk name in UDF


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Hello, everyone. Is it possible that the disk name I give to the isoudf file will be more than 32 letters? As it should appear on disk in Windows 10? 

This software warns me that I have up to 63 letters. And I'm standing there. 
But when I create a virtual disk for the ISO file I created. The disk name appears only up to 32 letters.
Sending pictures to understand

‏‏צילום מסך (8).png

‏‏צילום מסך (10).png

‏‏צילום מסך (11).png

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If you're going by the label info Windows returns, be aware Windows does not return the full label contents.  For some stupid reason, Windows is capped at a certain number of letters it displays.  To get the full label, you can go into Read mode in ImgBurn with the disc inserted into a disc drive.

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