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Watching DVD in Windows 10

jeff h

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I'm trying to watch a commercially bought regular DVD (not Blu Ray) in W10 Pro.
I have the most recent VLC Media Player installed on W10.

I inserted the DVD into the player and I can choose Media, Disc and place a dot in the circle next to DVD but it only plays the feature film trailer (15 seconds).

I see Feature listed but when I click on it nothing happens. I tried using the Tab, Return, space bar - I'm not sure how to make the feature play.

I have the W10 Media App installed but it prompts me to play DVDs from a library.

Is there a way to play a commercial DVD with either VLC Media Player or Windows Media Player without installing other software?


Since 2012, native DVD playback has not been included in Windows due to licensing issues for the MPEG2 codecs. It previously was available in some versions of Windows 7 having Windows Media Center, or as an extra cost option for Windows 8.1 Pro if you purchased the Media Center Pack. But that software has now been discontinued and is not included in Windows 10.

For people who are upgrading from a version of Windows with Media Center, Microsoft gives you the new Microsoft DVD Player app for free, but the license is tied to the machine, not to your Store account. Alternatively, you can buy the app and use it on multiple devices.

It's just a simple player for watching DVDs, not a replacement for Media Center's live TV and DVR features, but it does the job intended. Otherwise there are several 3rd party products, commercial and community, some of which also include Blu Ray support.

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Should have been in Chat, yes.


My suggestion is one you won't like because you said you didn't want to install other software.  But, I wouldn't use VLC player.  I found it to be a pretty lousy DVD player when it came to disc compatibility.  I use Media Player Classic Home Cinema myself.

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