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Copy a DVD into two DVDs


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The short answer is, no, you don't.  The easiest solution is to use a DVD DL.  However, there is a way, but it's a bit complicated and it may not work as intended.  For instance, if this flight simulator runs from the disc, you need all the files on one disc.  If it's just an installer disc, you can split the contents up into two discs and when you need to install it, copy the contents from both discs to a temporary folder on an HDD, SDD, or flash drive.  However, the installer might be expecting the contents on a disc as a copy protection method.  If the software runs from the disc without needing to be installed, you can copy the contents of the discs(s) to HDD and run it from there.


Anyway, what MIGHT work is to create 2 different ISO's where you've split the contents across ISO's.  Some in one ISO and the rest in the 2nd.  Then, burn each ISO onto separate DVD-5's.


What you might want to invest in trying, though, is get a cheap flash drive with 6 to 8 GB on it and copy the contents to a flash drive instead of having 2 different optical discs.

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