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Failed to Read Sectors 1221945


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Good morning all. So far I have burned 25 blu-ray 50 GB MediaRange without any problem.
I bought a new box of 25 blu-ray 50 GB MediaRange and there surprise I encountered burning problems. I attach you below the 3 sentences containing the errors.
Can you help me to solve this problem.
Thank you so much.

W 15:34:49 Failed to Read Sectors 12219456 - 12219487 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
W 15:35:44 Failed to Read Sectors 12361696 - 12361727 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
W 15:35:55 Failed to Read Sectors 12373184 - 12373215 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
W 15:36:03 Failed to Read Sectors 12373344 - 12373375 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
W 15:36:16 Failed to Read Sectors 12374144 - 12374175 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
W 15:36:29 Failed to Read Sectors 12379488 - 12379519 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
W 15:36:35 Failed to Read Sector 12379488 - Reason: L-EC Uncorrectable Error
W 15:36:35 Sector 12379488 maps to File: \BDMV\STREAM\00000.m2ts



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How long have you had this ASUS burner?  It may have just reached the end of its life.  You're using quality Verbatim media, however Verbatim DL BD media can be very picky.  Some drives don't like them at all, like the LG WH16NS40.  CMC could also have changed the formula for those discs, introducing all new problems.


In the interim, try to see if there's an update for your drive's firmware.  That might help.  In Write mode, right click on the drop down dialog with your ASUS burner in it.  Choose the option near the bottom of the list about checking for firmware update.


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31 minutes ago, dbminter said:

Depuis combien de temps possédez-vous ce graveur ASUS? Il vient peut-être atteint la fin de sa vie. Vous utilisez des supports Verbatim de qualité, mais les supports Verbatim DL BD peuvent être très difficiles. Certains lecteurs ne les aiment pas du tout, comme le LG WH16NS40. CMC aurait également pu changer la formule de ces disques, introduisant tous les nouveaux problèmes.


En attendant, essayez de voir s'il existe une mise à jour du micrologiciel de votre disque. Cela pourrait aider. En mode écriture, faites un clic droit sur la boîte de dialogue déroulante contenant votre graveur ASUS. Choisissez l'offre située en bas de la liste sur la vérification de la mise à jour du micrologiciel.


Merci dbminter
j'ai eu l'Asus depuis un an. Il n'y a pas de mise à jour disponible. Je n'utilise pas Verbatim mais MediaRange (MediaRange BD-R Double Layer 50 GB 6 Write Speeds).

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Verbatim made the discs you used that failed.  Check the log and it says this:

I 01:31:47 Source Media Type: BD-R (Disc ID: VERBAT-IMf-000)


The Disc ID says Verbatim actually made them.  Hardly anyone actually makes their own media anymore.  They farm out to a handful of manufacturers: CMC, which also owns Verbatim, Taiyo Yuden, which is also now owned by CMC! :rolleyes:, Mitsubishi, and Panasonic/Matsushita.


It could be your drive.  A drive lasting a year before needing replacing is a good life span.  In fact, it's above average.  You could try replacing the drive and see if that helps.

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