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BD-R DL 50gb failing at same sector


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I'm trying to back up my business account and had had 2 successful burns & 5 failed burns.
I have 2 types of failure:
#1, disk appears to write with Imgburn successfully but on verification the disk is empty
#2, disk writes to 50% and reports the same failure at the same sector group.

Is this a burner fault, a disk fault or a sw fault?
Any fixes?

Samsung 506-cb drive
Verbatim BD-R DL printable and non-printable disks
(Do people still use disks to back-up?)

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BD-R DL have a high failure rate, even when you use the good stuff, and depending on where you live in, what part of the world, Verbatim recordable BD-50 (That's another name for BD-R DL.) are known to have a high failure rate.  Many drives simply don't like BD-50 recordable discs, even when they do support them.  I've never actually used one except for BD-RE DL, and they would die after a year, even after only 1 write.  And that's on the LG WH16NS60; the LG WH16NS40 was one of those drives that would fail 9 times out of 10 to write to BD-RE DL.

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