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Issues trying to create image file from files


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Afternoon all, hoping for some assistance. How do you actually do the above?

I use ImgBurn to add CD-Text to CDs that don't have it. Some of the CDs are 30-odd years old and in poor condition. What I do with these is rip them, which can take a very long time, but I then at least get a  playable MP3 off my CD.  I've used CloudConvert to turn these from .MP3 files to .WAV files, so what I should be able to do is create an image file from these files and edit the .CUE file to add CD-Text, right? 

This does not however work.  I am doing as follows: 

  • Open E-Z mode picker.
  •  Click 'Create image file from files/folders'.
  • For 'Source' I navigate to the folder with the .WAV files in it. 
  • ImgBurn then cannot see any files. When I click on it I get an empty screen and the message "No items match your search". The folder actually contains six .WAV files, which I can play if I click on them via File Explorer. 
  • If I select this empty folder anyway, followed by a destination, the attached window comes up. If I click Yes, what I get is a very small .MDS or 'disc image file' which ImgBurn also cannot see (attached). 

In the past, I have worked around this by burning the .WAV files thus created to a disc. Then I use it to Create Image File from Disc, then edit the .CUE file and created a new disc with CD-Text. This means I use up two discs creating one, and I then throw away the first one away, because it's just .WAV files without CD Text. 

There has to be a less wasteful way of doing this, whereby I can go from .WAV files on my hard drive to an image file on my hard drive that I edit before making a new disc from it (once)?  

Thanks for any help.


Saturday Night Fever- The Original Movie Sound Track [Disc 2].mds

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It seems you're trying to create an ISO for making Audio CD's.  ImgBurn doesn't do that.  If you create a .CUE file with ImgBurn to make an Audio CD, it burns it on the fly.  It doesn't save to ISO first and, in fact, it can't.  ISO isn't a viable format for Audio CD.  It looks like you're creating a data disc with the folder of the WAV files in it as the root directory contents.


What you want is the Create CUE file option.  It's under Tools.  You can then add the .WAV files for creation.


BTW, there's no need to convert MP3 to WAV first when creating an Audio CD in ImgBurn.  ImgBurn will support MP3 files for creating Audio CD's.


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Thanks. I've just tried that but I still don't really know what I'm doing. 

I open Create CUE and I then pick the tracks that I want, filling in the fields for the CD text. 

I then hit 'OK' and the program does indeed create a .CUE file but it's named after track 01. How do I rename it to the name of the CD, and how do I then associate this .CUE file with with the corresponding music tracks, to make into a CD? There is no BIN file. If I try to create a disc from file ImgBurn can't see any files including the CUE file that I just created.


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You can rename the CUE file but it won't set the name of the CD in the CD Text.  You will need to set the Title for the Disc or Session, I forget which one.  I set it for both the Disc and the Session just to make sure.


To burn the actual CD, in Write mode, load the .CUE file you created as you would an ISO/image file.  When you do the actual burning part, the Audio CD is created on the fly; an image file is not created first to HDD.  I don't know why this is, but that's how it behaves in ImgBurn.


This Guide should help you with further questions:



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