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PS1 backup audio stutters/skips


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I've created a backup of a PS1 game but the FMV cutscenes and the music in the game stutters/skips during gameplay. The original disc doesn't have this problem, so I know it's not the PS1 itself. I'm using a Taiyo Yuden disc and a LG GSA-H55N burner. I've heard burning at low speeds could help, but ImgBurn tells me I can't burn lower than 16x.

Does anyone know of a way to correct this?

And is there any way I could force the drive to burn at lower speeds... just to give that a go?

Thank you for any help you can give me.

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You may be using the cheap Taiyo Yuden discs made by CMC Magnetics, which might explain the skipping issues.  If you can, post the log of this burn and verify in its entirety.  Under Help, choose ImgBurn Logs.  The log is opened in, usually, Notepad.  Find the burn in question and copy and paste the relevant log entries into a reply to this thread.


If they aren't the CMC TY discs, it could be your LG disc does not properly burn to those TY discs.  A firmware update may help.  In Write mode, right click on the drive letter and choose the last option in the context menu to check for firmware updates.


It could be the PS1 does not like those TY media.  The PS1 is considerably old hardware, so these recordable discs are newer, which may present a problem.


In my days, I've seen best luck with TDK CD-R's for PS1 archives.


The last thing is the problem may be the LG burner.  Trying a different burner may help.

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