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This is a brief overview of my years of using LG's WH16NS60 BD burner.


I use this as my go to BD burner for now.  It's the best of worst so far.  It has a few drawbacks.  For instance, it cannot write to the higher quality Verbatim MCC DVD-R or DVD+R.  The MCC 03RG20 DVD-R will either fail to complete burns, fail Verify afterwards, or playback with skips and pops.  LG refuses to acknowledge Verbatim/CMC has changed the dye formula, even though 2 years of results on different samples of the drive, 2 different firmware revisions, and different cake stacks bear this out, when the MID had been working before.


Other than the above, the NS60 has passed every single quality disc I thew at it.  For instance, it may choke on CMC MID discs but I don't use those.


It is also, unusually for an LG drive, a pretty good reader.  It's not failed to read anything I've thrown at it that wasn't degraded to begin with and failed in other drives.  This is a change of pace for LG's drive which I've found to be problematic in the past failing to read discs other drives would.


The drive is slower at Verifies, though, versus, say, a Pioneer or ASUS.  Another speed issue is when the drive encounters a buffering issue, regardless of how fast it reached before.  When it resumes writing, it's maximum write speed is significantly slower than the maximum allowed.  Another speed issue is 16x DVD-R will write at 16x but only gets there with under 1 minute before the burn ends.  Also, 16x rated Verbatim BD-R burns at a maximum of 12x only, unlike Pioneer or ASUS.

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