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Retro Media Verifier - Read Checker


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I have used ImgBurn for a few years now for checking if my purchased PlayStation and playstation 2 discs. are completely readable.

and recently discovered the Sega Dreamcast / Saturn reads too. - I create IMG from DISC, and if it reads 100% and creates a file, the disc is good !!!

if the read errors start at 67% - I know it's scratched and not completely playable.

 - and after a month or two had no HDD space left - had to go delete them - lmao. ( 

could you add more ? xbox, 360, ps3, GameCube, Wii ? ( I have Pioneer BD-ROM BDC-202 )

- or make a standalone with the option to not save the image created. - I'll purchase it !

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It should be possible to read in XBox 360, PS3, GameCube, and Wii discs.  Everything but the PS3 would be DVD data discs, and the PS3 would be BD data discs.  Of course, without modification, the copies are useless, but reading to image files does prove the discs can be read.  This means they should still be good for playing.  Of those, I only have a PS3, so I don't know, for sure, the formats used by the other systems.  And I'd guess the PS3 uses BD; I've only ever played 1 PS3 game on it as I use it for my media player in my bedroom.  It will turn 10 years old next year, if it makes it, and it's still going.

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