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Failed to Write Sectors 653152 - 653183 - Reason: Write Error


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I am using ImgBurn to write BD-R, and I burned about 500 disks with it.

My drive is an external USB drive (PIONEER_BD-RW_BDR-XD05).  I know they are not recommended, but I burnt more than 98% of my disks with it successfully (always of type CMCMAG-BA5-000).

In about 2% of the case, I get an write error, as below :

W 20:47:49 Failed to Write Sectors 653152 - 653183 - Reason: Write Error
W 20:47:49 Retrying (1 of 20)...
W 20:47:50 Retry Failed - Reason: Invalid Address For Write

Here is the corresponding screenshot (for a different disk) :


Two weeks ago, the same error occurred for 5 disks in a row. Since then, I did not encounter the error anymore.

The only unusual step I did for the failed disks was to move the laptop and the external burner to a different room during the burning process.
Can it cause this kind of errors ?

Thanks in advance,
Best regards,



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If you burned 98% of 500 CMC BD-R correctly, with only 2% failures, consider yourself VERY lucky, particularly with a Pioneer drive.  CMC Magnetics makes the absolute worst optical media out there.  (Ironically enough, they own Verbatim, which sells the best DVD media out there (Mitsubishi actually makes it for them, though.).)  The very nature of CMC media is you can go without failures and then get many within the same cake stack of discs.


If the failures persist over a given amount of time, you might want to try and see if replacing the Pioneer helps.  500 discs is an awful lot to burn and generally well beyond the life capacity of an optical burner.  Although, Pioneer used to make the best drives out there for a while, so maybe their quality has increased back to where it used to be.

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Thanks for your answer and comments.

Regarding my drive longevity, I have always burnt at maximum 2x the speed for BD-R.  I favor drive longevity and fewer burn fails over a speed increase during burning. There is a rule of thumb saying that an increase of 10 degrees in temperature reduces the lifespan of an electronic composant by half (some say it is a consequence of Arrhenius equation)

After one more burn failure today, I realised that the burner is VERY sensitive to movements on the USB cable.  The slightest variation in the bending of the cable can lead to I/O errors...  I usually launch a disk burning operation when I am away from the computer, and this might also explain why I have a very high success rate, because the burner is most of the times static...

Anyway I have no doubt that the failed disk are not due to ImgBurn itself...

My 2c,


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The cable movement thing may be a sign of something else.  It could indicate a failing cable or a failing USB port on either the drive enclosure or on your PC.  You may want to try replacing the USB cable or try putting the cable in a different USB port on your PC.  Plus, is this a USB 2.x or USB 3.0?  USB 2.x, while technically possible, is not recommended for BD burners because of the throughput necessary for operation.  If you're connected by USB 2.x, then movement of the cable could affect the burn.

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