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Write Error with Verbatim material


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I recently bought this CD/DVD writer : https://www.verbatim.com/prod/accessories/disc-drives--burners/external-slimline-cd-dvd-writer/

with a set of ten Verbatim CD-R (52x speed, 80 min).

I tried multiple writing speeds, ImgBurn and Nero Burn, three differents CD (from the set I've bought), but I always end up with this error :

I 01:52:24 ImgBurn Version started!
I 01:52:24 Microsoft Windows 8 Professional x64 Edition (6.2, Build 9200)
I 01:52:24 Total Physical Memory: 8 228 044 KiB  -  Available: 3 323 368 KiB
I 01:52:24 Initialising SPTI...
I 01:52:24 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...
I 01:52:24 -> Drive 1 - Info: DVD RW JQ3M (E:) (USB 2.0)
I 01:52:24 Found 1 DVD±RW!
I 01:53:06 Operation Started!
I 01:53:06 Source File: path_to_audio_compilation.cue
I 01:53:06 Source File Sectors: 167 874 (AUDIO/2352)
I 01:53:06 Source File Size: 394 839 648 bytes
I 01:53:06 Source File File System(s): None
I 01:53:06 Destination Device: [0:0:0] DVD RW JQ3M (E:) (USB)
I 01:53:06 Destination Media Type: CD-R (Disc ID: 97m26s66f, CMC Magnetics Corp.)
I 01:53:06 Destination Media Supported Write Speeds: 10x; 16x; 20x; 24x
I 01:53:06 Destination Media Sectors: 359 844
I 01:53:06 Write Mode: CD
I 01:53:06 Write Type: SAO
I 01:53:06 Write Speed: 4x
I 01:53:06 Lock Volume: Yes
I 01:53:06 Test Mode: No
I 01:53:06 OPC: No
I 01:53:06 BURN-Proof: Enabled
W 01:53:07 Write Speed Miscompare! - Wanted: 706 KB/s (4x), Got: 1 765 KB/s (10x) (i've tried 10x also)
W 01:53:07 The drive only supports writing these discs at 10x; 16x; 20x; 24x.
I 01:53:07 Filling Buffer... (80 MiB)
I 01:53:08 Writing LeadIn...
W 01:53:21 Failed to Write Sectors 54 - 80 - Reason: Write Error
W 01:53:21 Retrying (1 of 20)...
W 01:53:21 Retry Failed - Reason: Invalid Address For Write
W 01:53:21 Retrying (2 of 20)...
W 01:53:21 Retry Failed - Reason: Invalid Address For Write
W 01:53:22 Retrying (3 of 20)...
W 01:53:23 Retry Failed - Reason: Invalid Address For Write
E 01:53:27 Failed to Write Sectors 54 - 80 - Reason: Write Error
E 01:53:27 Next Writable Address: 4294967151
I 01:53:27 Synchronising Cache...
W 01:53:30 User opted to skip the 'Close Track/Session/Disc' functions.
E 01:53:30 Failed to Write Image!
E 01:53:30 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:00:23
I 01:53:30 Average Write Rate: 0 KiB/s (0.0x) - Maximum Write Rate: 0 KiB/s (0.0x)

Could please someone help me ?
PS : Sorry for my bad english, it's not my native language, and it's pretty late here now haha.

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Looking at that log... it does not matter if you try to write slower than 10x, it will then default to the slowest speed available for that media, which in your case is 10x write speed. because it specifically says "10x,16x,20x,24x" are the only write speed options for that media on the burner your using. I suggest using 16x write speed for standard audio CD's.

it's best to avoid laptop burners since they tend not to be as good as desktop burners from what I have heard. with that said... if that burner does not like the more typical Verbatim CD-R's, which are the CMC Magnetics media code, you can try the slightly more expensive ones with the Azo dye. if those fail, your burner is likely of suspect quality.

p.s. on a side note... assuming your burner/media are in decent working order, if you need to, there is a good chance you can burn 82min15sec on those Verbatim CD-R 80min/700mb 52x CD-R's.

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Your faults are most likely one of two things, both already suggested previously.  Slim models are generally less reliable than half height optical burners.  And the CMC discs are the worst optical discs out there.  Verbatim does release some of the best, but they also make some of the worst in their Life Series.  Try the Verbatim DataLife Plus, NOT Life Series, or ones listed as AZO dye, as was previously suggested.


It's probably why the CD-R's failed but the CD-RW's succeeded.  The CD-RW's may not have been CMC.  There was no attached log for a CD-RW burn, so I can't say who made those CD-RW.

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