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Intermittent hangs "Querying Device Advanced Settings..."


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Windows 10 Pro 21H2
Pioneer BDR-209M drive
Plextor BD-R media

I've used ImgBurn successfully for years.  Workflow is I create an ISO of files with ImgBurn and then burn the ISO to a BD-R disk.  Lately, after every few burns, ImgBurn hangs after "Write Speed Successfully Set!" with the message "Querying Device Advanced Settings...".  When it hangs, I have tried:

  • Press the abort button.  I'm asked to confirm the cancellation, and then it says "Abort Request Acknowledged", but it continues to hang.
  • Press the abort button again.  I get "Please be patient, I head you the first time!".  
  • Close the window.  I get "Please be patient, I head you the first time!".  
  • Eject the disk. Continues to hang.
  • Disable and then enable the drive from Device Manager.  Continues to hang.
  • Kill ImgBurn from the Task Manager.  Then restart ImgBurn.  Will get stuck in the same place every time.
  • Reboot the computer.  This resolves the matter for a few burns.

This drive is getting old and I'm happy to replace it to resolve the matter.  However, I'm filing this as a Bug Report because the behavior is surely not intended.

ImgBurn is otherwise a great product.  Thanks in advance for your assistance!


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