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Random crashes at shutdown: possible cause


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You know how for a long time now I've reported on random crashes I get on ImgBurn shutdown?  That you could never see a cause for?  Well, I believe I may have isolated a possible cause.  It's repeatable, so you may be able to test it for yourself.


It seems to be generated if a folder added to a Project has been detached.  What I can do is assign a partition on a USB HDD a drive letter then add a folder to a DVD Video project from that partition on the USB HDD.  Then, if I remove the drive letter from the partition that that folder was added to the Project from WITH ImgBurn open and the Project unchanged, when I close ImgBurn after the partition had been "hidden" by removing the drive letter in Disk Mangement, I get a crash on shutdown of ImgBurn.


This may give you something to go on now.

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