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Virtual CloneDrive issue?


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Any other users of Virtual CloneDrive come across this?  I'm using the latest release,  What I've noticed is not something that happens immediately, but occurs gradually over time.  When an image is mounted in VCD, after some time, File Explorer starts to slow down.  When you select a folder, particularly in the root directory of a drive, you get a swirling icon and it's some time before you can actually do anything in the folder.  The issue gradually gets worse until restarting the PC.  (I've not tested if just unmounting an image clears it.)  This makes sense as I have the option to not remount images on Windows start enabled, so the images are effectively unmounted on restart of PC.  And I don't get slow downs in File Explorer after restarting the PC until I mount an image in VCD.  I've had Windows up for like 24 hours without a mounted image and no slow down in File Explorer.



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