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Burned BD-R blu ray disc plays on PC and Xbox One but not PS4 or Samsung blu ray player


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I have a video that I exported from Adobe Premiere Pro as an 1920x1080 .mp4, muxed using tsMuxeR, and burned to a Verbatim BD-R 25GB blu ray disc. The resulting disc will play on VLC player as intended, as well as my Xbox One, but not on my PS4 or spare Samsung blu ray player. I don't know where in the process I've screwed up, or if there's something I'm missing that would explain why the PS4 and Samsung player wont play it. 


I've attached the ImgBurn log (which shows that all was successful), but the forum said to include it so here you go.


Here's the process I used, if it helps:

1. When exporting the video, use h.264 High Quality 1080p HD, aac audio. this makes an .mp4
2. Open tsMuxerGUI and select Blu ray Folders, start muxing
3. Open ImgBurn, write files/folders to disc.
4. Insert blu ray disc
5. Add BDMV and Certificate folders to source
6. Under the Options tab to the right, data type: MODE1/2048; File system: UDF; UDF Revision: 2.50; checkmark Recurse Subdirectories
7. Check mark verify, click big red button


If there's any insight anyone can share of why this is happening, or if there's a better way to do what I'm trying to do, please let me know. Thanks!


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It must be down to the players not liking the BD-R you're using.  If the same disc plays in some players but not others, you're not doing anything wrong.  That would most likely be the fault of the hardware that is not playing the disc.

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Still shouldn't have mattered.  If the BDMV played on one Blu-Ray player, it would play on them all, regardless if a menu was present or not.  If it was the authoring program that was the problem, then the resulting BDMV it created wouldn't play on any Blu-Ray player.  But, as long as you found a solution that works, I always say that's the way to go.

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