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Verification Error resulting in weired problem


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Hello My Friends


I am facing a weired problem and I hope to get some help.


I used ImgBurn to build a DVD image of the folder containing VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS Folders. As I tried to burn it on a DVD it failed to verify the burnt image. In the past in one of threads here I was told that it may so happen that even when a burn process verification fails the Disc is burnt properly.Keeping this in mind I played the disc and it played without any problem. After playing it few times suddenly today near the mid of the disc, the disc froze. It appeared that as if the player is trying to play the disc, but it was not successful. After trying for a while the disc started to play from the beginning. Now I found that the disc is stopping much earlier than the first time. Those portions which played flawlessly even when it stopped for the first time, have started to develop problems of freezing.


I cleaned the lens of the DVD player,and the disk to, but the situation did not improve.

The other details which you may need are as follows:

  • Player: PHILIPS 625K
  • Burner: LITEON LightScribe 165HS upgraded to latest available firmwire

- Help me

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Help us help you.  Post a log of a successful burn but failed Verify of these discs that won't play properly in your player.  In ImgBurn, under Help, choose ImgBurn Logs.  Then, open the .LOG file in a text editor, find the part where the burn succeeds and verify fails, and copy and paste that part.  Post both the burn portion that succeeds and the Verify portion that fails.


Or, just attach the entire file to a post and I'll sift through it looking for what I think is the right part.

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