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Flick + ImgBurn = many error msgs but final success. Huh?


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After three days finally it works. I converted an MP4 film (2.2GB) into a DVD and it plays on the dual VHS/Disc machine and the TV.

But all these error msgs!! e.g. "You should have selected the MDS file and not this one"--what is it talking about ??? --" I'll do it for you automatically this time, but don't do it again!"

Don't do what?? It sounds like a street gangster threatening me.

As attachment I have the log file and all the strange error msgs that came up at the end. 

When I do this, I run DVDFlick and this program automatically calls ImgBurn. At no time have I the opportunity to select an MDS file. What's the deal with that?? Is ImgBurn a subsidiary of DVDFlick?

But what do these error msgs mean? The first one and its waterfall of numbers. The second one and the ominous threat. And all the rest.



Error msg 2.jpg

Error msg 3.jpg

Error msg 4.jpg

Error msg1.jpg


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Well, those are different errors for different things.


You apparently had a double layer DVD image, which explains the first and last images.  Because you had a double layer DVD, you should have selected the MDS file instead of the ISO file for burning.  ImgBurn is just telling you which file you should have loaded and loaded it for you.


The middle screen is an indication your drive did not like the discs it was burning to.


The DVDFlick log won't do much good here.  We need the ImgBurn log of the burn that generated the 2nd image.  The 3rd image is because the disc failed to burn or you cancelled the burn and ImgBurn is asking if you still want to close the session/track/disc on the DVD.  In both cases, you can probably generally skip it because the disc generally won't be playable at that point.


The last screen indicates the double layer DVD image file contents were too large to find a good layer break position.  Technically, that DVD probably shouldn't have played at all.

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So you are saying that somehow I created a double layer image from the MP4.  How does one do that because nowhere have I seen the word "layer" in the DVD-Flick part of the matter.

ImgBurn I seen now is in a sub-folder of DVD-Flick so Flick is the master and imgBurn is the slave. And I see no file named "log" near imgBurn.

Where should I look for this imgBurn log file? Will you be able to tell me with this imgBurn logfile why a double layer image was created??

I am using Windows 11.

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You said your source file was a 2.2 GB MP4 file.  That would indicate to me the VIDEO_TS output for a DVD would be greater than a DVD-5.  Plus, that last screen mentioning cells and layer breaks only applies to double layer DVD's.


Well, DVDFlick shouldn't be installing ImgBurn itself unless the author of ImgBurn gave his okay.  But, to find the ImgBurn log, open ImgBurn (How you might do that with how ImgBurn is installed on your system, I don't know.) and under Help you'll find an entry for the Log.  This opens the folder where the Log is stored.  Open this .LOG file and find where in the Log the burn failed.  Copy and paste everything related to the burn and, if it got that far, the Verify of that burn.

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Moment of enlightenment.

I've been away from tech for a spell. I've only got 4.7 GB discs from before I retired. Now I see that they have 8.5 !! GB disks on the market labeled "double layer".

Strange though, that Flick spends nearly an hour preparing the (I assume) iso image and then always discovered that it all didn't fit on my 4.7 GB disk.

A 2.2 MP4 doesn't fit on a 4.7 GB disk?? That is one very strange compression factor a DVD utilizes.

I found where the imgBurn log is supposed to be, but the thing is, one must manually save the log at the end of burning. The log data is not automatically saved. Now I know it.  I won't close the window until I save it.

Tomorrow I'll go through the whole business again and save the imgBurn log file and send it to you guys. I'll add a verify step too.

Thanks for the help.




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MP4 is a container format and uses a better compression method than MPEG-2, which is the compression format for DVD Video.  So, a VIDEO_TS made from an MP4 will generally be larger than the size of the MP4.  Generally noticeably larger.

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