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Does ImgBurn work on Windows 11?


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I never used Windows 11 (it's got artificially high requirements and seems to force online account BS etc(I am aware there are ways around this though, but one should not have to jump through hoops for basic stuff)) but I can't imagine ImgBurn will have any issues on Windows 10 and Windows 10 is supported until Oct 2025.

besides about 70% of people are still using Windows 10 where as Windows 11 only has about 16% of the market. Windows 7 still has about 10% and it's been nearly 3 years since Microsoft stopped supporting it (Jan 2020 when they stopped supporting it).

if you play games, Windows 10 is the safer choice right now as you are more likely to have issues on Windows 11 currently from what I heard. personally I suggest sticking with Windows 10 for a while as it's still basically THE standard as far as Windows goes. then in the future, if you have to, then you can go to Windows 11, or whatever else becomes the new Windows standard.

p.s. but if in the future ImgBurn stops working on Windows, it does work on Linux. I use it on Linux (currently Linux Mint v21.1-Xfce) myself. but to get it working on Linux it take a little more effort as Wine (which is software for Linux that allows some Windows programs to work on Linux) must be set in WinXP mode (otherwise the program will hang upon loading) and on ImgBurn itself to go 'Tools > Settings > I/O', on 'Interface' select 'SPTI - Microsoft' and under that where it says 'SPTI - Device Enumeration Method' switch it to 'Device Interface' (or 'Device Class') and it will work as without doing that SPTI stuff, ImgBurn will fail to see your CD/DVD etc drives. I currently have ImgBurn using Wine v6.0.1(32bit) (64bit works fine to but I use the 32bit since it uses less storage space) setup through PlayOnLinux software. but once you do this, using ImgBurn is as simple as running it from the desktop shortcut.

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