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ImgBurn linking malware


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I can't post in the "thanks for the virus/spyware" thread, probably because I just registered to post. My SO downloaded this program last night, using download link #1 from your website. She ran the same program the OP from the other thread received. I don't know how long this has been the case, but you might consider showing just a hint of responsibility for your part in pushing this information on hapless users.


With regard to following comments from cornholio7, one of your moderators:

"you're giving the blame because you downloaded something from somewhere else?,
why didn't you download it from imgburn.com ?
there's no spyware/virus  from https://imgburn.com/index.php?act=download mirror 7"


The person posting (as indicated) acquired this by following a link you provided - first in the list, no less - and your response is to blame them for "download[ing] something from somewhere else"? Why, precisely, should this person have known to avoid the bad link (or links) that you provide and pick another? This isn't just ridiculously illogical; it's irresponsible. Were cornholios 1 through 6 already busy, and did that somehow make you appear qualified to moderate anything? Heck of a job, brownie.


As for dbminter's comment, ImgBurn may host site 7 but it directs users to sites 1 through 6 as well. Whomever runs this site might consider doing something about that.


Thank you for your time. Love the program, hate the malware.





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Everybody needs to be responsible for their own actions.

I've provided each of the mirrors with a 'clean' copy of the program. What they do with it after that down to them, and it's not my place to police it - they run their own websites and I have no say in what goes on.

Most AV tools pick up on these PUA (potentially unwanted application) bundles, so I'm surprised it let you run whatever you downloaded anyway.

If your setup is anything like the one in the other thread, your SO must have also agreed to the elevation prompt when launching the 'reward tool' or whatever it was called. Expecting ImgBurn and installing a 'reward tool' - red flag, red flag.

I'm sorry you fell victim to this but you only have yourself to blame. Hopefully you can clean your system up easily enough.

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I'm the "other guy" from the "other thread".

You could at least remove the link now that you've been alerted twice.

if you don't, it's simply because you're careless.


They are actually naming it ImgBurn, fully aware of what they are doing, taking advantage of being linked from this site.

Your attitudes are seriously lacking. As a software programmer, this would seriously offend me, as if stealing part of my own identity. My work is an extension of it. Regardless, removing the link now would just be common curteousy, which is also lacking here.


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It isn’t an attitude, it’s a fact of life. The internet is full of useful things but you must be careful how you navigate it. Not clicking dodgy links or running suspect files (no matter what they might be pretending to be) is fundamental to your security online.

If you object to digital digest’s practices, you really should take it up with them. 

They actually host this website, so it isn’t possible for me to remove the link - which I will also point out is absolutely fine when I check it. 

Other mirrors may also rebundle the setup I gave them, they have to pay for the servers and their time somehow. Most would / should be transparent about that fact though - maybe by calling it ‘download manager enhanced’ or something. 

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This post should cut through the BS since here is the MD5/SHA-1/SHA-256 hashes of a CLEAN ImgBurn v2.5.8.0 installer ( SetupImgBurn_2.5.8.0.exe ; "3.0 MiB (3,101,913 bytes)")...

MD5 = 4bf2b8f4b46385bfda4d65e423cfb868

SHA-1 = 6a3d20796e1fcd4169d5d339af6e491dcea3367c

SHA-256 = 49aa06eaffe431f05687109fee25f66781abbe1108f3f8ca78c79bdec8753420

on a side note... there are a fair amount of stuff people post this kind of info for random program, but I suspect it's largely ignored as people just assume what they download is safe.

NOTE: you only need to match to one of those as if it matches one, it will match the rest. I just posted more there as people can use whatever they prefer.

but what Lightning UK basically said is correct, he only has so much control over things whether he likes it or not (same would basically apply to myself and the next random person). it's nothing against anyone, as like he said, it's just a fact of life. one has to take reasonable measures to ensure they don't install any program on their computer that could potentially be including unwanted junk in it.

p.s. https://www.majorgeeks.com/files/details/imgburn.html (I checked both links here and they are good as ImgBurn has been downloaded there over 9.2 million times and even says on that site "ImgBurn on MajorGeeks is a clean installer without OpenCandy distributed with permission.")) ; they have the same one from a download I got years ago as it's the same hashes as what I am using (on my Linux system). but, as usual, if you want to be 100% sure run a hash check on it to make sure it matches what I posted above and then you can be sure it's clean basically.

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