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Can imgburn be used as an archival burning program (directory hierarchy preservation and incremental writing)


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I am writing a program to manage our collection of multimedia and would like a burning program that we can use to archive the material

The three must-haves are

1. Preserving the directory hierarchy of the burned files

2. Allow incremental writing, so the archive can be burned over multiple sessions. So if we want to archive 5 files on day, and 10 files the next day, we can burn them to the same disc

3. The incremental burning must be done from the command line

It would be a bonus if the directory hierarchy could be preserved over multiple sessions

I have experimented with imgburn and the default burn seemed to burn a flat hierarchy and finalize the session immediately.

Am I asking too much?

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ImgBurn can be used as an archival program.  It does preserve the directory structure.


ImgBurn cannot be used as an incremental backup program.  ImgBurn is a one and done affair.  Each time you create an ISO, it replaces the old one.  And when you write a disc in ImgBurn, it cannot be appended to.  If you use a rewritable disc, its contents are wiped before the next write to it.

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