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Trying to burn an image of a Japanese-only Sega Saturn game patched to English


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The game is Policenauts, and the image for each disc comes with an ISO, a WAV file, and a CUE file. The CUE file specifies the correct file names, and it seems like the ISO burns fine. However, when it gets to the wav file, I get a directshow error:


"DirectShow Error! - IMediaEvent::WaitForCompletion

File Name: <file path>.wav"

Index Progress: 4,233,600 bytes

Index size: 4,461,744 bytes

Reason: An operation was aborted because of an error. (0x00000003)

Would you like to continue anyway and fill the remainder of this Index with digital silence?"

I am on Windows 11, and other Saturn games have burned just fine, though usually they only contain one or more BIN files and a CUE pointing to them. This is the first time I've burned a game in ISO format, and the first time it's included a separate WAV file. The game launches just fine. The WAV file is short, plays fine on my computer, and doesn't seem that important (I speak some Japanese, and it seems to be a message that plays when you put the disc in a CD player, telling you to that it's for use in a Sega Saturn instead), but I'd still like the games to burn properly. It's a very minor issue, but still. I searched the forum for similar problems, and someone had the issue of having converted MP3 files to WAV, and getting a similar error. That person's solution was to burn the MP3 files without converting them to WAV, as either way, imgburn has to convert the audio file to CD-AUDIO during the burn. However, the image I have for Policenauts only comes with a WAV file for each disc, so I'm not doing any conversion before I start the burn. I know directshow filters for WAV files are supposed to be built into Windows, but perhaps they've been removed on Windows 11? A Microsoft help page for app development states that directshow has been "superseded by MediaPlayer, IMFMediaEngine, and Audio/Video Capture in Media Foundation," though I'm not 100% sure what that means. What can I do?

EDIT: Okay! I stuck the game in a CD player, and the wav file is there, telling me in Japanese that the game is supposed to go into a Sega Saturn. So it's being written to the disc. I guess this isn't a problem at all. So why am I getting this error, and what does it mean?? I'm confused, but I guess this turned out to be a nonissue after all.

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It sounds like you're trying to burn all the files onto a disc.  The ISO file needs to burnt instead of copied to a disc with the WAV and CUE file.  However, Sega Saturn games are CD's and CD's are generally not ISO but BIN/CUE.  When you add the WAV file to a job, ImgBurn tries to make an Audio CD out if it, it seems.  That's why the DirectShow error comes up.  ImgBurn is attempting to make an Audio CD out of the WAV file from what I can tell.

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